Edition 62

What's your backbone? In this edition, we bring some insights into growth at a cellular level. Acknowledging the most basic elements—the building blocks—in the parts of our lives that matter is crucial. These building blocks are the very foundation of things, though they are often overlooked. Edition 62 breaks down some aspects of our writers' personal lives, which may encourage you to pause and think about your own building blocks.

You Make Meaning: The Essentials to Film Viewership

By Rebeka Milius If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound if no one is there to hear it? If a film is projected but there is no audience to watch it, does it harbour meaning? Whose meaning is more relevant: the author’s or the audience’s? Is a film complete without…

Building Understanding – The role of Legos in supporting problem-based-learning

By Hannah Brunnschweiler On the 11th of April, my classmates and I walked into the room without knowing what the upcoming tutorial would be like. A mysterious bag, which we had just seen our tutor (impressively) carry down the stairs was sitting behind her chair. It was the second week of the honours course, and for…

Building cycle heaven in Freiburg

By Pieter Vergouw  An indefinable time ago, I came to the conclusion that routine had taken over my life, and therefore I treated myself to a trip. Call it a moment for reflection. I was thinking of the Himalayas or South America, but in the end, it became Germany. That’s how my travel plans usually go.…

Inter cast

Coming Soon: A podcast about interdisciplinary science, research and behind-the-scenes insights into the most recent edition's articles.

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