26    Gender gezocht

Gender in het brein
Petra Jansen

Borderline, een vrouwenkwaal?
Jill Lobbestael
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Matt Damon aantrekkelijker door mooie tegenspeelsters?
Rianne van Marlen
- 2 reacties

Nog net geen sletje
Sylvia M. Holla

Slet en nicht
Gert Hekma
- 1 reactie

Interview: Gender en seksualiteit
Paulien de Jong

Sekseverhouding van de spintmijt
Wouter Lugtig
- 1 reactie

Beeldreportage: Lotus, According to the Rules of the Dream
Max Pinckers en Quinten De Bruyn
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Gender gezocht
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BLIND 26 - Gender gezocht


Arno Verweij
Robin van Wechem


Else Koning
Arno Verweij


Petra Jansen
Paulien de Jong
Else Koning
Karen van Meeteren
Martin Olsthoorn (penningmeester)
Arno Verweij (webmaster)
Anna Vossers
Robin van Wechem


drs. Kim van den Berg
dr. Wim Ghijsen
drs. Machiel Keestra
dr. Bernard Kruithof
drs. Tamara Metze
dr. Onno Meijer
Lucy Wenting, MA

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Blind is an interdisciplinary magazine made by students for everyone interested in interdisciplinary research. The authors of the articles range from first-year academic students to postdoctoral researchers.

Most articles are written in Dutch, but the few in English are listed here:

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Article by Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia

Why superfoods should only be the tip of the iceberg to boost your cognition
Article by Sebastian Huhn

The Road to Finding ‘Home’
Article by Mojdeh Feili

The aftermath: Psychological well being of refugees in the Western world
Article by Hans Rohlof

Hormonal changes in new lovers and long-term partners
article by Annefleur Langedijk

Memory engrams – physical substrates of memory in the brain
article by Esther Visser

Living with a cancer patient: a partner’s perspective
article by Femke Paling

Naming the stars
article by David Gardenier

The not-so-glamorous world of pop musicians
article by Dianna Kenny

The Song of the Humpback Whale
article by Laura Lauta van Aysma

Dark matter
article by Fabio Zandanel

Categories and labels in emergency governance
article by Polly Pallister-Wilkins

Safety First! Novel therapeutic target for PTSD
article by Esther Visser

Sunday Worship in Alabama
column by Amani Maihoub

Why you would wish to speak Greek
article by Rosa van Gool

Does your nose bleed when you see someone attractive?
article by Jiaqi Li

After virtuality: a postmortem on early internet culture
article by Michael Stevenson

Swarm Intelligence
article by Jelmer van Ast

Where there is a will there is water
article by Elisabeth Harnmeijer

The impact of climate change on the Peruvians
article by Carolina Sardella en Sanne Muis

Quantum Gravity
article by Xerxes D. Arsiwalla

The Large Hadron Collider
article by Olivier Gaumer

Disgust and Vaginismus
article by Charmaine Borg and Peter de Jong

Between différance and hyper-reality
article by Mark van Ostaijen

Flaming a debate
article by Wei Liu and Jeroen de Kloet

Beauty and architecture
article by Patrick E. Healy

review by Elisa Hermanides

Why South African boys have different dreams about the future
article by Marie Lindegaard

Knowledge transfer on flexible borders
article by Jojanneke van der Toorn

Linking Disciplines
article by Mendel Giezen

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