Edition 60

New Year looming on you yet? In our closing edition of 2023, we bring some insights into what the future could have in store for us. We can't predict the future, however we can look back on the past to explain our present and to see what avenues we could be heading down! This edition we are proud to announce our collaboration with the IIS and their create a course challenge theme of 'Future Change'. We have taken their ten nominated course ideas as an inspiration to our edition.

In Edition 60, we take you along on a wide reaching array of themes, discussing where the freelance labour market is heading, the future of public art, the restrictiveness of music streaming platforms and the culinary past, present and future of insects.

Why You (Wrongly) Think That Eating Bugs is Gross

By Eva Speijer Illustration by Merel Hamminga Caterpillar popcorn, ant-egg caviar, mealworm pasta; just to name a few products that, in the future, might grace our daily menus. Why? Because in this changing world, we need to change our diet. The problem is, we, the ‘Western society’, remain somewhat hesitant to embrace this culinary revolution,…

Music Curators and Algorithms: Beyond the Play Button

By Alessandro Aprile Illustration by Taylor Brunnschweiler Once upon a time, record stores dominated the music retail market. However, in the late 1990s, the advent of file-sharing services such as Napster sparked the hope for free, democratic, and unmediated circulation of music. All it took was a simple software installation, a few keywords, and users…

Making a living in the gig economy

Written by Pieter Vergouw Illustration by Marlon ‘Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life’ is a famous quote by former American basketball coach and motivational speaker John Wooden. However, judging by the crises that have rocked the global economy in recent years –and that have caused steep inflation and rising energy bills–…

The Future of Public Art

By Lina Leskovec Illustration by Célia Mortureux In 1977, the president of the French Republic unveiled one of Paris’ most important artistic landmarks and, according to some, one of its biggest eyesores. Residents of the Beauborg district now had one less parking lot – instead, they witnessed the construction of a big, colourful, and eccentric new…

Inter cast

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