Edition 59

Can you feel the heat? July 2023 was recorded by NASA as the hottest month ever measured on Earth in the entire global temperature record. And while millions already struggle with the ever-escalating impacts of climate change, global warming is hardly the only type of heat that is driving many aspects of our lives to a boiling point.

In this edition of Inter magazine, our authors take you along on a thematic journey that mirrors the temperatures of the heat waves hitting much of the world at the moment: How can our perception of news as “hot topics” lead to heat exhaustion? What is match-fixing and how is it influencing your favourite summer sport events? How can we warm the hearts of climate sceptics? How do higher temperatures change the perception and preferences of consumers? Why do economies overheat and what can governments do to cool them down in time?

The subtle art of match-fixing

Summer heat invites people to leave their houses and offices and to head to football pitches, tennis courts and rugby grounds. This is the season where major sports tournaments take place. The summer of 2024 in particular will be a big year for sports, especially in Europe. Both the UEFA European Football Championship and the…

How do We Warm the Hearts of Climate Sceptics?

With the summer on its way, one weather record after another will fall again. The question is thus not if they will fall, but how many it will be this time. In the summer of 2022 for instance, 7,000 daily records were broken across the US, as well as 400 monthly records and 27 all-time…

Sunshine and Consumer Minds: How warmth shapes perceptions and choices

In our modern world, we are bombarded by an incessant flow of information and surrounded by a consumer-driven society that constantly vies for our attention. We encounter an average of up to 5000 advertisements per day,[i] shaping our perceptions and influencing our decision-making. In the midst of summer, with longer days and warmer temperatures, our…

Hot Topics and Heat Exhaustion

The temperature is rising. No, I am not talking about climate change. I am talking about public discourse. It seems to be full of hot topics. This over saturation can be overwhelming; we all know too much heat causes heat exhaustion. The news cycle is short, and there is so much information we receive outside…

Inter cast

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